What You Need to Know About Klarna

What You Need to Know About Klarna, The Swedish BNPL firm Klarna was established in 2005 and has had remarkable growth since then. It has 15 million customers in the United States and operates in 17 countries, and in 2020, $53 billion worth of goods were purchased using it. Two short-term interest-free payment plans, as well as various interest-based plans, are available from Klarna.

How Does Klarna Work?

Two interest-free payment plans are two of Klarna’s most well-liked offerings:

  • Pay in Four: With this option, you can divide your purchase into four equal installments. For a total repayment period of six weeks, the first payment is required when your order ships, followed by the following three payments, which are due every two weeks.
  • Pay in 30: With this option, you can place an order without paying anything upfront. You will receive an invoice from Klarna when the product ships, and it will be payable in 30 days.

Klarna offers paid financing solutions, the majority of which are set up as lines of credit, for purchases that are too large to be paid off in 30 days or even six weeks. Your personal information and the retailer that is selling the product will determine the specific monthly plans that are provided to you installment plans range from six to 36 months. Merchants may also run special promotions on certain purchases, such as offering reduced or deferred interest.

Is There a Minimum Purchase Size When Using Klarna? 

Yes. The minimum purchase you can make with Klarna is $10.

Is There a Maximum Purchase Size When Using Klarna?

Yes, and it depends on your payment options. Pay in 4 normally allows for a maximum purchase of $1,000. The most you can borrow when financing a purchase is $10,000. Your limit can be lower because plans differ depending on your financial situation.

Do Products Buy with Klarna Ship After the First Payment?

Typically, while using Klarna Pay in 4, you won’t have to make any payments until after the order has been shipped. You might wait until a few days after placing the order to make a payment because processing online orders occasionally takes a few days. 3 You won’t get an invoice if you select Pay in 30 until the merchandise ships.

Can I Use Klarna to Pay Bills?

No, you cannot use Klarna to pay bills.

Is There a Credit Limit to Use Klarna?

Yes, you will receive a credit limit that is unique to Klarna when you open an account. Your credit score, the length of time you’ve used Klarna, and how effectively you’ve repaid prior loans from Klarna are some of the elements that Klarna considers when determining your credit limit.

You will receive an email from Klarna containing your credit limit once you register for a Financing account. This number can also be found on the front page of your Klarna app and on your monthly bill. You might be able to see how much you’re permitted to spend on a specific retailer’s website thanks to the Klarna browser plugin.

How Can I Increase My Credit Limit?


Does Klarna Affect Your Credit Score?

While interest-free payment options sound great, you might be wondering how using Klarna might affect your credit score.

Does Klarna Check Credit?

Every time you use the service to make a purchase, Klarna does a credit check; however, the type of credit check depends on the payment method you use.

The soft credit check that Klarna does for the interest-free Pay in 4 and Pay in 30 plans have no effect on your credit.

Klarna performs a strict credit check for some borrowing options. This kind of credit inquiry will appear on your credit report and may lower your score slightly, though the impact typically only lasts for about a year.

Does Klarna Report Your Activity to Credit Bureaus?

Even if you pay late, Klarna won’t send your payment details to the credit bureaus. That means that Klarna won’t help you develop credit, but it also means that late payments won’t lower your credit score.

But if you still don’t pay after a while, Klarna will send your account to a collections company. Collection companies have the ability and are obligated to report past-due sums to credit bureaus, which might lower your credit score.

What Credit Score Do You Need to Use Klarna?

The spokesperson for Klarna declined to confirm whether the company has a minimum credit score requirement for approval. When determining whether to approve you for financing or payment plans, the business does take into account your credit history, credit age, and other variables.

Does Klarna Charge Interest?

Even if you pay late, Klarna does not assess interest on the Pay in 4 and Pay in 30 plans.

Plans for financing, though, are a different matter. Even if you have excellent credit, you’ll probably pay a 19.99 percent APR if approved. However, a Klarna spokeswoman told The Balance that the company might collaborate with specific retailers to offer incentives like lower interest rates or deferred financing on particular products, and interest rates may range from 0% to 24.99%. Instead of making the minimum payment each month, you might save money by paying off your loan early.

According to data gathered by The Balance, Klarna’s financing interest rate of 19.99 percent is comparable to the current national average credit card interest rate of 20.28 percent. however, it is twice the average 24-month personal loan interest rate, which was 9.46% as of February 2021.

Does Klarna Charge Fees?

Many of the irksome expenses associated with some lending products, such as origination fees, and prepayment fees, are not applied by Klarna.

The late fee for Pay in 4 is up to $7. You will, however, be penalized if your payments aren’t made on time. A fee can be required if you want to change the date of your payment.

Is Klarna Safe?

The same protections common to the lending sector are provided by Klarna and other lenders. However, there are certain common dangers associated with using BNPL services.

Today’s purchasing is more inexpensive thanks to BNPL lenders. It’s acceptable if you genuinely need something before you have the means to pay for it, and it may be satisfying to spend money on things that make you happy—within reasonable bounds.

Any BNPL service, however, carries the risk of inciting you to spend more than you can realistically afford. Even though not paying interest may be “saving” you money, it’s still very easy to go over your budget and hinder your progress toward your financial objectives.

For instance, if you take out a loan with no interest to purchase a $450 work of art that you otherwise wouldn’t have purchased, you didn’t really save any money. You spent $450 more than you’d planned, and you could have put that money toward a goal like an emergency fund, down payment, or getting out of debt.

Which Retailers Accept Klarna?

Klarna has partnerships with more than 7,500 stores in the U.S., including popular retailers like:

  • Amazon
  • Lenovo
  • Nike
  • Overstock
  • Sephora

How to Use Klarna Online

It’s simple to shop at the stores that collaborate with Klarna. Just use the app or website to look for stores that work with Klarna. Simply continue shopping and choose Klarna to apply for a payment plan after adding your items to the cart.

You can choose a one-time card if you wish to buy something from a store that isn’t a Klarna partner. Through the Klarna app or website, request this card. If accepted, you’ll receive a digital card number that can only be used once to complete your transaction.

How to Use Klarna In Stores

With Klarna, you can make a digital card that you can load to your Google Pay or Apple Pay wallet if you’d rather shop in a physical store. Use your smartphone to pay for in-store purchases after applying for this card via the Klarna app.

How Do Returns Work When Using Klarna?

You can return items to the shop as usual if you’re unhappy with your purchase. Then, to suspend your payments while the return is processed, you can report the return using the Klarna app or website. You might receive:

  • A full return: All of the money for the purchase will be refunded back to your original payment method.
  • A partial return for financing accounts: Your minimum payments will stay the same, and you’ll simply pay off the balance sooner than originally planned.
  • A partial return for Pay in 4 accounts: Klarna will credit the return against your remaining balance. If the return is greater than your remaining balance, you’ll get the rest back on your original payment method. If the return is less than your remaining balance, it’ll be distributed equally across your remaining payments so each one will be smaller.

How Do I Pay Klarna?

Depending on the type of payment plan you select, Klarna provides a number of choices for paying off your debt:

  • Pay in 4 or Pay in 30:Using a credit or debit card, you can choose to pay in four or thirty days. When you accept the loan, these payments will be automatically scheduled, so you won’t need to worry about forgetting to make them.
  • Financing: You have the option of enabling autopay or remembering to make payments manually. You won’t be able to use a credit card to make payments, but you can use a debit card or connect your bank account with Klarna.

When paying with a credit card, use caution. You are essentially exchanging an interest-free loan for a loan if you don’t pay off your entire sum each month with a much higher interest rate.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Klarna?

With Klarna, you can postpone your payment for a fee if you’re having trouble coming up with the cash to repay your Pay in 30 plan.

Otherwise, there will be penalties for missed or late payments. You’ll be assessed a $7 late fee if you choose the Pay in 4 option. You must pay a $35 late fee for financing accounts, but Klarna won’t assess a fee more than the minimum payment required.

In addition to being turned down for future loans, not paying could harm your credit rating if Klarna sends your past-due account to collections.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Klarna work for merchants?

Options are available from Klarna for both small and large organizations. In addition to a portion of each sale, merchants are charged a fixed fee for each transaction. When a customer makes a transaction, Klarna pays them in full in exchange for taking on the credit risk.

How does the Klarna app work?

You can place orders and keep track of them with the Klarna app. At any business that accepts Visa, you can use it to make a Pay in-4 purchase. Find a store, choose what you want to buy from the menu, and then use the app to make a purchase. When you’re ready to complete your purchase, choose “Pay With Klarna.” A one-time card will be produced by the app. To finalize your transaction, enter the card number at the checkout.

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