What Is a Monroney Sticker?

What Is a Monroney Sticker? A significant piece of information concerning a vehicle’s retail price, fuel economy rating, safety ratings, and other details can be found on a Monroney sticker. In the United States, new cars must have Monroney stickers by law.

Definition and Examples of a Monroney Sticker

A Monroney sticker is a type of label that lists details about a car, such as its make and model, safety rankings, engine statistics, exclusive features, and more. All new cars sold in the United States must have Monroney stickers, which are mandated by law.

Definition and Examples of a Monroney Sticker
Definition and Examples of a Monroney Sticker
  • Alternate names: Monroney label, window sticker

Imagine you were searching for a new Toyota Camry. The Monroney sticker would provide you with details such as:

  • The car’s retail price
  • Safety features
  • Standard equipment
  • Optional factory-added equipment
  • Mileage per gallon
  • Where it was assembled

When comparing vehicles to find the best fit for you, this information can be immensely useful. One Toyota Camry might have a cold-weather package that includes a heated steering wheel and seats, while another might not, according to the Monroney sticker. This additional information could be useful if you reside in a snowy area when weighing your options.

How a Monroney Sticker Works

The federal government of the United States mandates the placement of it on the inside of a new vehicle’s windshield or window. It must include specifics regarding the vehicle, such as:

  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)
  • A list of standard equipment and optional features
  • Engine details
  • Fuel economy ratings
  • Safety ratings and crash-test scores
  • Warranty information

Here’s an example of a Monroney sticker from Toyota:

Monroney sticker

Monroney stickers for new vehicles

Today, new cars in showrooms all around the United States can be discovered with Monroney badges. Therefore, when looking for a new car in person, you should see the Monroney label on the windshield or side window of the car.

The dealer should have a PDF copy of the Monroney sticker available for download if you’re doing your automobile purchasing online. It should seem like this in the thorough description of the vehicle:

When deciding whether to acquire a new vehicle, consumers must use Monroney stickers as a crucial tool. Buyers may quickly and simply assess which cars fit their demands and budget by looking at Monroney stickers, helping them avoid expensive car-buying blunders.

Monroney stickers for used vehicles

Monroney stickers for used vehicles
Monroney stickers for used vehicles

The presence of Monroney stickers on used cars is not mandated by law. Therefore, if you’re looking around for a used car, like a pre-owned Toyota Camry, for instance, the Monroney label may no longer be on the vehicle from the previous owner.

In this situation, you can think about ordering a Monroney sticker online to evaluate the factory-installed features and cost of that car as well as learn about any safety recalls you might need to be aware of.

Using the Monroney scanning label software, you may obtain a Monroney sticker for the majority of used cars. The VIN of the car is all you need to get going. Each car is $7.99 in price. If you want to purchase a used car through CarFax, you could also be able to locate them at no cost.

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