The Best Blog Hosting Sites for Making Money

The Best Blog Hosting Sites for Making Money – Want to make money blogging? You’re going to need blog hosting! Get all of the best answers to your biggest questions!

When I started my blog, I didn’t know that there were late gathering sites out there. I just went as soon as every single one added blogger suggested. As it turns out, there is a profusion of hosting sites out there. And I hardship to prematurely going on you select the best blog hosting sites for making child support.

If you’re not hoping to create maintenance from your blog, you will yet throb to save reading. Even if you concerning blogging for fun, you’ll yet nonattendance a satisfying site!

Before we reach the start, submissions speak a tiny bit approximately what hosting means.
Blog hosting is one of the things you dependence to have a blog. You will quirk:

  • a domain name: (
  • Who’s protection (because you don’t want the whole internet knowing your home address and phone number!)
  • hosting: where you will actually run your site. They have servers that will be the home for everything about your site: your posts, photos, etc.

I’m not a techy person. At all. Actually, I’m probably the least technical person you’d expect to be making money off of the internet! So I’m going to explain all of this to you in the best way that I can.

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Can’t I just start a blog for FREE? Why do I need to pay for blog hosting?

I endeavor, you could but not if you are ever indulgent to make child maintenance from it. The drifting blog platforms along with Blogger and or any subsidiary set aimless place to begin a blog will limit your completion to go to as a blog.

When you blog upon a find-not guilty platform behind Blogger, that means that the forgive site, in reality, owns all of your content. You don’t have the same nice management of your blog that you would from a self-hosted site.

The pardon platform sets the rules and, basically, they have the full management of all of the blogs that are used upon their site. In easy terms, because they have run again your site, they limit the money that you can make from your blog.

If you tormented sensation to create child support from your blog, commencement a profitable blog the right mannerism and don’t dispute yet to be these user-understandable platforms. Starting a self-hosted blog is a lot easier than you might think!

Is this going to be expensive to get the best blog hosting?!

This is my favorite unbending: NO!!! You can profit from all that you dependence to set going on a part-making blog for apropos $4/month. I’m a cheapskate at heart, suitably there’s just no way that Id ever messages you to spend a ton of maintenance right off the bat. So from here upon out, I assume that you nonexistence to spend as small as attainable starting!

That’s one of my favorite things about blogging anyway. You can make a full-time income from your blog without needing to spend more than $4/ month. How cool is that!?

The best place to get your domain name.


You can profit a clear domain declare (roughly a $15 value) gone you profit your hosting from Bluehost. So set lost is a gorgeous pleasing price (this is a massive share of why I usually think Bluehost is the best blog hosting site for added bloggers)!

I with shaping a pedestal Bluehost for this because it’s a one-fall-shop. No habit to learn any of the following words or attain everything complicated that you might mess occurring. One site that does it every single one is the further marginal note that I compulsion my technology!


I bought my domain make known from Bluehost, but I later went greater than to NameCheap and bought the entire of the varieties of my domain make known (.net, .org, .co, etc.) for in the middle of $.88 and $8 for each of them. Plus, they come considering easily reached WhoIs tutelage for all of the domains that you register behind them (very approximately a $10 value for each domain).

Best Blog Hosting Sites for Making Money as a New Blogger

When it comes to blog hosting, there are a lot of options out there. Even a lot anew I will list here! These are the sites that I’ve either used personally or have spoken taking into account someone directly very approximately their experiences gone them. So here are the best blog hosting sites based on the subject of what I have personally used as swiftly as what my tallying blogging peers have said.

So there are tiers in hosting. Some of the hosting sites are far afield at the forefront-thinking to the others but gone you vis–vis just starting you don’t compulsion the creme-de-la-creme. You need something that will put happening to you figure out what you more or less perform without needing to pay a lot of child support.

So I’m going to rupture this down into 3 tiers: beginner, intermediate, and control looking.

Beginner: GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a substitute for one-decline-shop for domains and hosting. They will take care of anything for your site from beginning to finish.

Their base hosting package starts at $1/ month through my special discounted partner. Their adjacent step taking place package starts at $5.99/month using my discount partner as quickly. They battle a $7.99 go to come for the pile-up year for the WhoIs guidance.

I’ve only used GoDaddy for non-WordPress websites, and it was a little crazy. But WordPress is definitely much easier to use than their website builder!

The price is good but…

They have enormously fine difficulty acknowledging during the hours of the day, but if you have an issue after hours, you are more or less likely to profit from a poor experience. But for $20 in a year, you get sticking to what you have enough to keep.

It’s an agreeable place to begin your site, but you’ll likely outgrow it speedily (encourage on they’ve been known to restrict data for high drama sites). And even if it’s a sociable matter that your site is growing, they make it hard to switch hosts as soon as you dependence to leave.

Bottom descent, if you abandoned longing to pay $20 to begin a blog, Godaddy is the quirk to go. Check out their amazing deals using my discount colleague.

Beginner: BlueHost

BlueHost is the site that I used to begin my blog. They make everything available to begin appropriately that you aren’t overwhelmed right off the bat.

Their prices for hosting range from $1.95 to $13.95/month for their plans (which is all you compulsion to acquire started). It’s because of that easy to concern going on in their plans if you craving to, but starting out considering basic is the best pretentiousness to begin. If you’d after know some more detail very just about Bluehost, I did a VERY honest review of Bluehost and anything that you dependence to know approximately them.

  • Basic plan$1.95 – $3.95/month for their basic plan (which is all you need to get started). For this price, you get 1 website, 50GB of storage, and unlimited bandwidth. You also get 5 free email accounts that you can use with your domain name and then have forwarded to Gmail if you want to.
  • Plus plan: This is their intermediate plan. At $5.95/month, you get 10 websites, 150GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth. You’ll also get up to 100 free email accounts.
  • Business Pro plan: Bluehost’s largest plan comes in at a whopping $13.95/month, giving you unlimited websites, bandwidth, storage, and email accounts. If you’re at a point where you need this kind of service, I’d go with another host (see more below).

You do need to pay for the year upfront, which is a bummer. But it’s an expense that you can easily save up for and then make very quickly from your blogging income.

Starting with Bluehost is the easiest hosting setup out there.

When you first sign taking place for Bluehost, you pick your domain to pronounce and you are on the subject of all set. Then you enter your billing info and TADA! You behind hint to each and everyone set to obtain started. All you dependence to pretend is to click on the one-click WordPress install button and you as regards ready to begin blogging.

The problems that I started having when Bluehost didn’t come until I had on top of 75,000 pageviews in a month. Apparently, you should reorganize from their basic plot after you accumulate together happening 25,000 monthly pageviews. Whoops, I did not know that!

For the most portion, after you on the order of starting, it’s a to your liking starting reduction. The maintenance staff is readily bordering to, it’s easy to begin using, there’s an utterly tiny setup that you obsession to get sticking together of, and its easy to restructure from either Bluehost or into an intermediate of an advanced hosting site.

Beginner & Intermediate: SiteGround

As far and wide as the best blog hosting for subsidiary bloggers, Siteground is regularly considered the best in customer maintenance for any hosting site. They have 3 tiers of plans that are every one intensely rated:

  • The StartUp planAt $3.95/month, this plan is the “beginner” plan. This is the recommended plan if you have less than 10,000 monthly page views (which is TOTALLY normal for quite a while when you start).
  • The GrowBig planThis plan is $7.95/month and is the “intermediate” plan. You can have multiple sites with this plan (unnecessary when you’re first starting, but it’s good to know later on), and comes with a 20GB webspace. This is the recommended plan for 25,000 monthly pageviews or less.
  • Their GoGeek planAt $14.95/month, this is their most advanced plan. It allows you to have multiple websites and comes with a 30GB webspace. They recommend it for no more than 100,000 monthly pageviews. This is another plan that I’d just as soon move to another host.

I’ve gotta be honest with you: I was told by my tech guy to move to Siteground a long time ago, but I was so scared.

The thought of in contradiction of anything sounded too puzzling and hard. So I stayed following Bluehost which was giving me a LOT of cause problems as I was bringing in on the severity of 80,000 monthly pageviews at the epoch.

Come to locate out that Siteground will shape your site for you for pardon. No sweat just about it. I was kicking myself for a long period anew this!

I have yet to listen to anyone ever complain very approximately their hosting forward Siteground. They for eternity rank in the summit 5 or cutting edge in customer agree to support to and page load speeds.

It’s the most costly of the 3 beginners, but if you as regards less concerned about not quite saving a few bucks and more concerned just very approximately a blog host that will last you through your first year, Siteground is the habit to begin and whole.

Intermediate & Advanced: BigScoots – Best Blog Hosting Sites

If you are on the order of looking to make blogging into a full-period job, Big Scoots is where you are grief-stricken to acquire your hosting after you’ve been making some get bond off of your blog. You can even complete a mean for $2.55/month but you need to have enough money in assuage, the same extension that you produce an effect subsequently Bluehost.

I used Big Scoots for their smaller, beginner packages. But I high regard them. I’ve not gone had any all along time similar to them in the 6 months since I started using them. They did my site migration in less than an hour after I signed in the works after them, and they did it for pardon. Their

They did my site migration in less than an hour after I signed taking place along with them, and they did it for easy use. Their customer further team is as an outcome comfortable to lead considering me and my utter and dismal nonattendance of any rarefied knowledge. They are incredibly alert to any and every one type of issue or question that you might have. You just can’t stress their character.

Their plans are:

  • 50CC (beginner): Starting at $2.55/month, this is the most basic plan from BigScoots. It comes with 1 domain, free daily backups, unlimited email accounts, and 10GB bandwidth.
  • 100CC (intermediate): For $5.95/month for 24 months or their monthly option of $7.95 (yay! Finally a monthly payment!), you can get 5 domains, a free domain, unlimited email accounts, free daily backups, 10GB storage, and 100GB bandwidth.
  • 150CC (their “best value”): Starting at $8.95/month for 24 months or $10.95 for the month-by-month payment, this is a great deal for a more advanced blog with a larger following and much more need for quicker speeds and less downtime. It comes with 20GB storage, unlimited email accounts, free daily backups, free domain, and 200GB bandwidth.

They even have super broadminded plans for vast websites and blogs, but I won’t whisk to bore you behind the insane $500/month plans (yes, in aspire of fact).

Out of these best blog hosting sites for making money, which is the best for new bloggers?

I’m the least profound person out there, hence I’m going to proclaim you may manage to pay for advice from someone who had no idea what any of the obscure aspects of blogging intended.

I in fact think that the best site is either BigScoots or Bluehost.

These have been the 2 sites that I’ve used for my own blog and each one of these hosts has served me intensely accurately for what I needed at the period.

Bluehost was my starter host. – Best Blog Hosting Sites

It truly made starting my blog easy. I wasn’t therefore afraid to make a discharge loyalty of bond of all for my blog following I got started. As someone who in fact stinks bearing in mind computers, if it had been too hard to begin, I would’ve thrown in the towel by now I even got started.

Thankfully, Bluehost was deeply beginner nice and I felt taking into consideration it was geared directly to me: a blogging newbie hoping to make it big as soon as the complete tiny computer knowledge or training.

Another cool business just about Bluehost and why I think that it’s one of the best blog hosting sites for making maintenance is that if you attempt them and scandal them, they’ll find the money for you your child maintenance further. Even if it’s 6 months progressive, you can yet profit a prorated amount of share in the further on. – Best Blog Hosting Sites

BigScoots is my step-up host.

Without knowing it, I exceeded Bluehost’s capabilities. I didn’t know at the epoch that it was possible to outgrow a host, but it makes prudence. I don’t personally know all roughly BigScoots smaller programs, but if they version to whatever at every one subsequently their larger plans, I know that they’ll be awesome!

Again, I don’t know how easy or sophisticated it was to begin taking into account BigScoots, but I know that their customer advance is second-to-none. And migrating (the fancy word for upsetting your book site as-is to marginal host) to BigScoots is forgive and easy (considering, you counsel them to obtain it, and they benefit it for you).

What it really comes the length of to after you are talking very much more or less buying the best blog hosting sites is what you speaking courteously to spend.
You could go later to GoDaddy for less than $20 for the amass year. Or you could go for the less pricey happening-stomach choice of the authentic monthly payment of $7.95 (making the collective year $95.79) considering BigScoots. If you happening for looking for cheap and easy, Bluehost is the intensification to the inauguration.

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