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Buckle Up for 2023: Leveraging Partner Marketing for Sustainable Growth

Leveraging Partner Marketing for Sustainable Growth, Online startups and small enterprises have significantly increased during the past few years. With the shift to eCommerce, there are now more ways to increase revenue and sales, including through modern channels like social media marketing, influencer marketing, and partner marketing.

These businesses seek knowledge and abilities to support and enable growth needs through digital channels as they enter the following stage of their growth cycle. For digital agencies and consultants, this presents significant potential.

Partner marketing, one of the most affordable digital marketing channels, accelerates organic development through many relationships at a cost-per-sale basis, giving advertisers and agencies the confidence to allocate resources to the channel.

Four primary demands and changes are what are motivating agencies to assist small and medium-sized advertising.

Increase of budget

Businesses are actively looking for advice on how to allocate funds for growth and trying to figure out which channels can support achieving challenging objectives.

Increase of budget
Increase of budget

Need for diversification

The aforementioned, more traditional routes are frequently used up or occasionally get too pricey. It can be quite challenging to choose which digital marketing channels to invest in given the variety available, the relationship between them in the customer journey, and the incremental value they add to performance as a whole.

Training and upskilling 

According to the IAB PoweringUp survey, 40% of SMEs lack the knowledge and confidence to properly utilize digital marketing strategies. These companies are actively seeking outside assistance from consultancies and agencies so they may use specialized skills and knowledge to support their growth.

Content simplification

Jargon and acronyms that are unfamiliar to inexperienced marketers abound in the digital marketing world. By removing jargon from the material, business owners and decision-makers will be better able to comprehend how various channels may support their needs for growth and build confidence in their ability to choose wisely.

Growing your agency through partner marketing

The primary incentive for agencies to acquire the knowledge and generate a sizable volume for clients continues to be the cost-per-sale aspect of partner marketing. Partner marketing gives you complete freedom to select the partners you want to forge important, lasting relationships with. Awin Access’ cheap price as a self-service option enables agencies to easily and safely develop advertiser programs and begin producing extra cash within days.

All kinds of agencies have expressed their satisfaction with Awin Access and the training and strategic support provided to ensure agency success.

The Awin team just released a guide for agencies called Awin Access that explains how agencies can use Awin Access to drive traffic and conversion for their clients. Simply by providing access to thousands of active partners, the Awin Access platform makes that possible.

What data and insights are available

What data and insights are available
What data and insights are available

Of course, data and insights are essential for agencies and advertisers to decide where to invest their time and money. Awin is able to produce important insights and metrics like active partners, traffic driven, turnover generated, average order value, and much more because it has thousands of clients across numerous industries and verticals. These findings aid clients in determining the value an agency can deliver or whether specific techniques require modification. Insights give clients peace of mind by helping them see which high-quality partners are most relevant for a particular specialty.

The Awin Access Agency Guide

The Awin Access Agency guide Growth Book is available to all sorts of agencies and consultants who want information, insights, and examples from a best-in-class partner marketing solution and are serious about generating value with partner marketing.

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