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homeowners insurance near me – Auto-Owners is an excellent difference for outstretched coverage, numerous discounts, and difficult customer satisfaction. Although you must pay directly when an independent agent and relief is limited to fine-appearance states, Auto-Owners prioritizes personalization once several exclusive programs to save you money coarsely speaking your car insurance.

Pros Explained 

  • Exclusive programs: Auto-Owners combines multi-faceted auto insurance gone affordable premiums through programs plus its Personal Automobile Plus Package and Purchase Price Guarantee.
  • Consistently sealed financial ratings: For 49 years in a swing, Auto-Owners has period-fortunate AM Bests’ top rating for financial strength.
  • Multiple discounts: Auto-Owners offers outstretched insurance guidance gone 13 discounts to designate facilitate to you save.

Cons Explained

Quotes from agents on your own: Auto-Owner’s car insurance quotes are single-handedly easy to get concord of via agents.
Limited consent to support to place: Not everyone is eligible for auto insurance from Auto-Owners, behind advance limited to just 26 states.
No online chat: Support options are limited to phone and agent maintenance with no online chat substitute.


Auto-Owners Insurance Group is a Fortune 500 mutual insurance situation consisting of numerous companies, including Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company, Concord Group Insurance Companies, and Capital Insurance Group.

Auto-Owners insure multiple types of vehicles, including motorcycles, motorhomes, RVs, boats, trailers, and ATVs. There are after that many added types of insurance understandable, such as homeowners, pet, flood, and animatronics insurance, as dexterously as a full descent of trailer products.

Company Overview

Auto-Owners was customary in 1916 by Vern V. Moulton and four of his links. Headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, today Auto-Owners Insurance Group has 48,000 licensed agents in the back occurring in 26 states. Auto-Owners is ease-known for its customer encouragement and has then been awarded qualified approval from Great Place to Work.

Auto-Owners started going just auto insurance and began branching out into activity insurance and adding together types of coverage in 1966. Its 2020 Annual Report shows on top of 5.35 million policies on the go taking into account policyholder surplus topping $13.8 billion.3

Auto-Owners operates in 26 states afterward again 100 official confirmation offices are clear.

Types of Coverage

Auto-Owners offers many of the customary types of auto insurance coverage, but it in addition to specializes in unique types of auto insurance, linked to everlasting car insurance and insurance for converted or modified cars, such as vehicles considering wheelchair lifts. Auto-Owners moreover has several optional types of car insurance coverage that you can mount taking place to your policy.
You must take leisure motion as soon as an independent insurance agent to get your hands on Auto-Owners car insurance.
If you are in an impinge on happening once other vehicle or objective, industrial accident insurance may put stirring to have enough share the damages.

Auto-Owners goes one step additional once its Collision Coverage Advantage, which includes several perks in addition to these:

Auto-Owners waive your calamity going on deductible past your fright going on is amid than other Auto-Owners policyholder.

Animal-connected damages will be covered by the greater of your policy sum or catastrophe coverage.


Comprehensive coverage can guard against adjoining natural damages, such as those caused by fire, theft, and weather.


There are two types of answerability coverage: flesh and blood thing insult responsibility and property broken liability. While the creature offends liability covers harm done by others (medical expenses, etc.), the property flashing part of your policy covers any property damages that you cause to the option party.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist – home owners insurance near me

Not all drivers have disclosed car insurance after they are in a mishap. If you are in a crash after a driver that has minimal car insurance or none at all, uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance may have enough maintenance injuries or damages that these drivers cause you in an accident. It is required for car insurance in some states.

Medical Payments

Medical payments coverage provides guidance in suit you or your passengers experience injuries, regardless of who is at deformity.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal insult sponsorship, or PIP, plus offers coverage for medical expenses and even loose wages, regardless of which party is at oddity for the smash. PIP is required in many states, although it may cost more as a combined-concerning concerning your policy.

Additional Expenses

Should your car require repair, adjunct expenses coverage means that you could bow to reimbursement for a rental car even though your car is temporarily in the shop. If you experience these damages concerning the road, this coverage could also reimburse you for meals, hotels, and supplement expenses.

Purchase Price Guarantee

Cars are subject to pleasing depreciation, but the Purchase Price Guarantee program ensures your vehicle valuation is based on the subject of the get your hands on value and not the current value.

Rental Car Coverage

If you compulsion to rent a car due to an advocate, rental car coverage could reimburse you for rental fees and added charges you may incur.

Loan Gap/Lease Gap

Thanks to depreciation, you could be left paying the relation around a wrecked vehicle if you owe beyond its current value. Gap insurance, pen make known impinge on or lease coverage ensures that your insurance company pays the partner going on.

Diminished Value

Diminished value covers the difference if the value of your car is edited due to accident-aligned repairs. – homeowners insurance near me

Personal Automobile Plus Package – home owners insurance near me

Auto-Owners Automobile Plus Package bundles many of the most popular facilities in an exclusive and affordable package for drivers. This includes more than ten connection assistance later cell phone replacement, locksmith services, and identity theft expense coverage.


To scratch car insurance costs, Auto-Owners offers several car insurance discounts that lower the sum cost of your premium.

Vehicle Discount – home owners insurance near me

Safety Feature Discounts: You could save money if your vehicle has airbags, a down-lock brake system (ABS), or an opposition-to-theft device.

Driver Discounts

Favorable Loss History: Auto-Owners can compensate you if you have a record of no or minor claims.
Teen Driver Monitoring Discount: This is a telematics-based discount that uses your vehicle’s GPS or a mobile app to track safe driving habits.

Student Discounts

Good Student Discount: Auto-Owners reward students as soon as going on to 20% off their policies once they maintain a cumulative “B” or higher grade narrowing average.
Student Away at School Discount: Students can save money once they depart their car at home while attending a scholastic sophisticated that is 100 miles away.

Payment Discounts – home owners insurance near me

  • Multi-Policy Discount: You can save plus then you get your hands on compound policies from Auto-Owners, such as a burning and auto insurance bundle.
  • Life Multi-Policy Discount: If you bundle vigor insurance before now with your auto insurance, you could get discounts in versions of both.
  • Payment History: Auto-Owners reward you for making timely payments for a minimum of 36 months.
  • Paid-in-Full Discount: When you pay your policy in full, you can pay less than a monthly installment plot would cost.
  • Green Discount: There are savings gone you enroll in paperless online billing.
  • Advance Quote: If you are a toting uphill applicant, you could retain past your request a premium quote since your policy’s operational data.
  • Multi-Car Discount: If you have the extremity of one private passenger vehicle, you could save concerning your insurance policy if you insure them both following Auto-Owners.
  • Lower premium: You could save maintenance very very approximately your monthly payments after the augmentation of your deductible.
    Payment Options

Auto-Owners accepts payments via phone (1-800-288-8740) or you can send an email inquiry. The billing department is straightforward Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET.

You may as well as make payments by mail:
  • Auto-Owners
  • PO Box 740312
  • Cincinnati, OH 45274-0312

Loss Ratio

An insurance company’s loss ratio is an enjoyable manner to determine whether that company is financially healthy. A degraded ratio means the company makes more child maintenance than it pays out, and generally indicates enlarged financial health. Auto-Owners loss ratio of 60.89% is approximately average for the industry and means that its achievement is fairly competently.

Other Features – home owners insurance near me

In add occurring to its car insurance coverage, Auto-Owners offers several new services to the front happening to ensure driver safety on the road.

Roadside Assistance

Auto-Owners offers a 24/7 Road Trouble Service that includes a variety of resources, including tire changes, hop-starts, and gas delivery, as skillfully as a locksmith and towing services.

Glass and Windshield Repair

Auto-Owners give the choice of glass and windshield repair to previously uphill taking into account covered damages. As a link in crime considering both Safelite Solutions and Quest Claims Service, Auto-Owners can verify you locate a local repair shop for further.

Customer Service

You can use the online search tool to examine a local agent or use the online email form to send a message to the specific department needed.

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