Do You Need U-Haul Insurance?

Do You Need U-Haul Insurance? moving truck. Additionally, you run the danger of damaging or losing the personal belongings you’re hauling if your move necessitates several days of driving.

Your home and auto insurance coverage might only partially cover a rented truck and your goods while they’re being transported. But you’ll probably require greater protection. Fortunately, U-Haul offers a variety of insurance solutions to safeguard your priceless personal goods and the equipment you rent.

What Is U-Haul Insurance?

When you rent one of U-cargo Haul’s vans, moving trucks, pickup trucks, trailers, tow dollies, or vans, you can add U-Haul insurance to your rental agreement. Several insurance packages with varying levels of coverage are available from U-Haul for various types of equipment.

While your credit card or auto insurance policy may provide some protection while renting a passenger automobile, they are unlikely to provide coverage for cargo-moving vehicles. Additionally, if you don’t get insurance when renting U-Haul equipment, you might have to pay for an accident out of cash.

The moving insurance from U-Haul offers some of the same types of coverage as an auto policy, such as medical payments coverage and damage waiver coverage, which covers harm to the equipment you rent in the event of an accident. Yet some U-Haul insurance packages also protect your cargo from damage caused by a collision, fire, or storm.

What Does U-Haul Insurance Cover?

Several insurance plans are available from U-Haul, albeit some of them are only available for certain kinds of gear.

Safe move

For moving trucks, but not for cargo vans or pickup vehicles, U-Haul offers the Safemove insurance package. Safe move comprises:

  • Damage waiver: Covers accident-related damage to U-Haul rental equipment, but excludes damage from accidents with overpasses or other overhead objects.
  • Protection for cargo: Provides coverage for harm to cargo caused by an accident, fire, overturn, or windstorm.
  • Life/medical protection: Medical expense coverage for the driver and passengers and life insurance protection.

Safe move Plus

Moving truck protection is offered by Safemove Plus, which includes:

  • All Safemove coverages: Damage waiver, cargo protection, and life/medical protection are all Safemove coverages.
  • Exclusion-free coverage: The damage waiver coverage for Safemove Plus includes overhead collision damage, in contrast to the basic Safemove package.
  • Additional liability insurance: Offers $1 million in additional personal liability coverage.

Pickup Truck and Cargo Van Coverage

U-Haul only provides collision damage waiver coverage for its fleet of cargo vans and pickup vehicles, with a $150 deductible for unintentional damage. Other deductibles can be necessary for business clients.

Safe to

When renting a trailer, a tow dolly, or a car transport, U-Haul offers its Safetow coverage. It offers several levels of cargo protection, life insurance, and medical expenditure coverage for drivers and passengers, and it covers damage to rental equipment.

Safe trip

The safe trip offers flat-rate roadside assistance, which covers:1

  • Fuel delivery
  • Jump starts
  • Lockout service
  • Lost keys
  • Stuck vehicles
  • Trailer hook-up problems

Safest and Safestor Mobile

Your possessions are covered by U-Safestor Haul coverage while they are kept in a U-Haul storage facility. In U-Box moving containers, Safestor Mobile guards the contents. The safest packages provide coverage for a wide range of risks, such as:

  • Burglary
  • Earthquakes
  • Explosions
  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Leaking water
  • Smoke
  • Vandalism
  • Vermin


  • Tire damage and equipment damage resulting from collisions with overhead objects are not covered by Safe move.
  • Canada, Connecticut, Louisiana, New Jersey, and New York do not provide Safemove Plus.
  • Your vehicle or its contents are not covered by Safemove, Safemove Plus, or Safetow, even if you tow it using U-Haul auto transport equipment or a U-Haul moving truck.
  • It can damage the transmission of a U-Haul truck to rock it out of mud or snow, and Safemove or Safemove Plus does not cover this damage.

What Does Your Existing Insurance Cover?

To find out if your house, renters, or auto insurance policies offer any protection for the rental car or your possessions while in transit, get in touch with your insurance representative before renting a moving truck.

Your goods may be covered up to a specific amount by your homeowners or renters insurance. While your auto insurance may offer some protection for a typical rental car, many policies have size restrictions, and moving trucks are larger than those vehicles. However, your personal auto insurance policy might cover it if you rent a U-Haul cargo van or pickup truck.

You might be able to get personal effects insurance and additional liability coverage separately in some circumstances. But before deciding against rental vehicle insurance, it is best to consult an insurance representative.

Although a rental automobile might be covered by your credit card, a moving truck is probably not. Before declining rental truck insurance, review your card’s terms and restrictions.

Alternative Types of Moving Insurance

Similar insurance packages like U-are hauls are offered by other truck rental companies as well, though availability may vary by location.

Penske Truck Rental Insurance

Limited damage waivers: Covers damage to rental trucks and towing equipment under a limited damage waiver.

  • Personal accident insurance: Personal accident insurance covers the driver and any passengers for medical costs and unintentional death.
  • Supplemental liability insurance: Provides liability protection of up to $1 million to guard against claims of property damage and physical harm.
  • Cargo insurance: Offers personal property transported in a Penske vehicle up to $15,000 in coverage.
  • Roadside SafetyNet: When pulled by or coupled to a Penske rental truck, a towed vehicle is covered by towing insurance.

Budget Truck Rental Insurance 

  • Limited damage and personal damage waivers: Theft of or damage to Budget equipment is covered by limited damage and personal damage waivers.
  • Additional liability insurance: Covers liability for claims of property damage and physical injury.
  • Supplemental liability insurance: Protects your personal belongings and your cargo while operating a Budget rental truck.
  • Auto tow protection: Covers your car when it is being towed by equipment rented from Budget.
  • Roadside SafetyNet: Consists of any roadside services not already included in the rental agreement.

Enterprise Truck Rental Insurance 

  • Damage waiver: Reduces or eliminates the renter’s liability for lost or damaged equipment.
  • Protection for roadside help: Includes fuel delivery, flat tire repair, jump starts, lockout assistance, and key replacement.
  • Personal accident insurance Offers accidental death benefits, ambulance expense coverage, and driver and passenger medical expenditure coverage.
  • Additional liability insurance: Offers liability coverage of up to $300,000.

Third-Party Moving Insurance Companies

Several businesses, like the following, offer third-party truck rental insurance if you’d prefer.

  • Relocation Insurance Group
  • Lakeland Insurance

Do You Need U-Haul Insurance?

Ask your insurance agent if your house and auto insurance plans provide any protection before choosing to purchase or decline U-Haul insurance. Typically, the protection you need won’t be covered by your current plans.

Even if your house and auto plans only provide modest coverage, getting insurance from U-Haul might still be a wise financial decision. The insurance packages provided by rental truck companies frequently give the most extensive coverage, including protection for the property you’re transporting as well as coverage for rental equipment. A crucial perk when operating a big, heavy vehicle is the significant $1 million liability coverage included in U-Safemove Haul’s Plus package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How old do you have to be to rent a U-Haul?

16-year-olds can rent trailers from U-Haul, but drivers must be at least 18 to hire trucks. To rent any item from U-Haul, a renter must have a valid driver’s license from a government agency.

How much is U-Haul insurance?

The price of U-Haul insurance varies depending on where you live. Safe move insurance packages ranged in price from $14 to $16 per day when we requested quotations in a few different ZIP codes, while Safemove Plus was $30 per day.

How do I file an insurance claim with U-Haul?

Through Repwest Insurance Company, U-Haul provides truck rental insurance. Online at or over the phone at 800-528-7134 (USA) or 800-661-1069, you can submit a claim (Canada).

Do I need my insurance information when I rent a U-Haul?

The rental representative will ask for proof of insurance if you choose not to rent U-Haul equipment with insurance.

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