12 Sad Facts and Stats About Health Insurance

12 Sad Facts and Stats About Health Insurance – Even out cold the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the cost of insurance has been very roughly the rise in the addition decade. And to make it worse, more and more people are yet uninsured and underinsured. With the impact of Covid and people losing their jobs, these figures are more distressing than ever.

Just because the numbers are not gay does not take the direction we can ignore them. Here are 12 unhappy facts and stats approximately health insurance:

1. Nearly Twelve Million Have Lost Coverage Due to COVID

More than 6 million Americans have drifted the employer-sponsored health insurance they would by now have through their performance. And later taking into account their spouses and children, the number of those affected climbs to more than 12 million. (Economic Policy Institute)

2. One Million More People Uninsured in 2019 Than in 2018

In 2018, there were 28.6 million people without health insurance in the United States. In 2019, there were substitute million without insurance, around 30 million.

With the pandemic and many people losing their jobs, the declaration for uninsured individuals needing coverage is likely at an all-time high. (KFF)

3. 73.7% of Uninsured Said the Cost Was Too High

Many uninsured people cite the high cost of insurance as the main reason they have nonexistent coverage. In 2019, 73.7% of uninsured adults said that they were uninsured because the cost of coverage was too high. (KFF)

4. Even 43% of People with Health Insurance Are Still Underinsured

Of the number of people who obtain have health insurance, in this area half of them are underinsured. There is an omnipotent opportunity for health insurance to entire quantity if consumers are educated about virtually their vital coverage needs.

5. Nearly Half of Americans Rely on Employer Health Insurance

As reported by Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation 49% of Americans rely on this area of employer health insurance. An added 19% are Medicaid insured after 14% covered asleep Medicare. The version claims that 9% of Americans are uninsured. The overreliance on employer health insurance is suffering, especially to the lead employment-based covers become defunct upon the withdrawal of employment contracts.

6. Annual Deductibles for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Has Been on the Rise Since 2010

The average annual deductibles for employer-sponsored health insurance is US$1644. It has been back a quotation to the rise gone an average rate of 4.31% per year since 2010. This means that the amount the employees must pay out of pocket in the back the insurance intends foundation to pay is increasing. (Statista)

7. Wages Fall Short of Premium Increase In the Past Ten Years

Since 2010, average familial premiums have increased 55% (that’s 4.14% per year in the region of average), at least twice as brusque as wages (27%) and inflation (19%). (KFF)

8. The US Has the Highest Per-Capita Healthcare Cost

Compared to added developed countries, the US is the most costly for healthcare. Many consumers know this. They aren’t always familiar with individual plans and advantages that healthcare in the US can manage to pay for. Agents and companies need to take entertain the public hence that they can make the best decision for their health.

9. Approximately 20% of Households (American) Have Defaulted on Medical Bills

As reported by NBC News, in a report 20% of Americans have negative footnote reports due to delinquent medical bills. Poor checking account scores greatly impact a tolerance behavior to safe loans, creating real-home purchases, and participating in optional attachment economic events.

10. Medical Bills Are the Leading Cause of Bankruptcy

Out of all bankruptcies, 62.1% are caused by high medical bills in the US. Unaffordable and skyrocketing health costs are the number one excuse that folks evaluate bankruptcy. Having health insurance can cap, or at least offset many of these expenses. (MedAlertHelp)

11. Medical Bills Can Cost Your Home

Medical bills contributed to half of the people losing their homes in the US. Enrolling in a health insurance point can save individuals from losing their homes because of a medical emergency. Again, health insurance can manage to pay for you as soon as a safety net. (PNP)

12. High Health Insurance Cost Has Delayed Retirement

Fears on the summit of not brute able to afford health insurance or medical care are together in the middle of the zenith reasons why Americans are delaying retirement. From 2000 to 2016, the number of Americans 65 and older full of zipping full-time or share-time rose by 6% to include 9 million people. (Pew Research Center)


Health insurance might not be affordable for everyone. But without it, you may have to crack your bank, deferment off your retirement, or even lose the comfort of your quarters. Hopefully, marketers can pivot to these facts and stats and craft out some messages to persuade people to acquire occupy coverage, to the fore it’s too late.

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